Stupid Annoying Emails That Rub in The Fact That You are SINGLE!!

Oh guess what everyone? You thought you escaped New Year’s Eve…even though you didn’t get that New Year’s Kiss you’ve been dreaming of ever since you first saw When Harry Met Sally.

You thought, I’m good. I’m golden…I have a MONTH AND A HALF until stupid Valentine’s Day.


Not thanks to the lovely folks at Opentable at least (or any card store…but that’s a whole other can of worms…), cause this lovely email just landed in my inbox:

First of, you SOLVED it? Really? You did? How? You, Opentable fixed my single problem, for the hardest night of the year to find a date? WOW!!! What IS more perfect for Valentine’s Day than that?!

Oh…thanks Opentable….you got me really excited for nothing. I have no one to share a first bite with, cause that rhymes with love at first sight (so funny…ha..ha). I have no one to share my table with…so maybe you have solved my Valentine’s Day plans? SadsingleGal, Table for 1?

[please note that SSG is not serious in any way…Fuck Valentine’s Day! Well, unless I did have someone to go to dinner with! Hey, a girl’s gotta eat…]

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