SadSingleGal Was Stood Up! Then TUI-ed (Texted Under the Influence)

So you all must be waiting with bated breath….SadSingleGal Was Stood Up! So what the hell happened? Read on!

So the sad saga started (alliteration station!) last Saturday evening. After a Sad, Single night of babysitting (one of my fave sadsingle activities!), I met one of my best friend’s at a birthday party for her work friend at The Den. Not really my scene, but what the hell…clearly I’m single for a reason, right? So I go by way of a taxi (See, mom, I was being safe!!) and there is a line, yeah, you read that right…a fricken LINE! So I finally flirt my way in, and make my way to my friend.

Once I safely had a drink in hand, she introduced me around. And I start talking to some guy who’s a friend of my a friend of my friend (confused yet?). Well, you know that feeling when you are the two outsiders at a party, because EVERYONE else works together so they clearly have inside jokes and stories that no one else is going to get or feel like trying to understand because it is SATURDAY night and you are talking about WORK?! So, this dude starts talking to me, and I am chatting back…using my Why Men Love Bitches skills (don’t mock! read it!). And we are having a nice conversation…and he ends up asking for my number.

And then off we went (not with him) to get some tacos. because you know, who doesn’t want tacos at 1am? (Never me! Meaning I always want tacos!)

So, my surprise, when I actually got a text message from the dude (wait, let’s actually give him a name – the Actor. Yeah, that’s right….an actor. I know….) the Actor on Tuesday morning. So we “chat” via text, until he finally asks me out. I say yes, because why not? He asked if I could do Friday, but as my research has proven (and I guess foresight?), never reschedule actual plans. Which I had. Because I am that cool. So he asked if I was avail Saturday. So I said yes, and he said he would plan something. And the Actor even remembered what neighborhood I lived in and said he would figure out something cool.

Ok, so if I never heard from him again, I would have been like ok, whatever. But then he proceeded to text me the next few days. And I’m not talking about when you text a guy and wait a year to hear back. I was getting unnerved at how quick he would text back! Which in itself, is sad! Not for him, but for societies sake…and men’s. Dudes, this is really your problemNOT MINE!

So, Saturday rolls around and I’m at that point where you are looking forward to a date (probably more so than the guy…?) And my friend and I are having a typical Saturday Brunch, shopping, etc…and nothing. Meaning Sir Textalot had either fallen into a well (ala Baby Jessica) or I was being blown off. So, it just kept getting later and later, until I realized….I’d been stood up.

So….ok, at least I wasn’t sitting in a restaurant all alone like in the episode of Friends where Phoebe and Joey hatch a plan to get Ross and Rachel back together and Rachel goes out with Jon Lovitz and Ross is stood up on purpose and the waiters make a bet to see how long he will wait…no it wasn’t that. But in our modern “we text everything” world, I was stood up!

So what did I have to go and do last night after two massive glasses of wine? Get some answers of course! Cause I am smart! Cause texting while under the influence is smart! (NO…IT’S NOT! STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE!!) I texted the Actor…and asked basically what the hell?

To which he claimed he thought I wasn’t interested based on a text I sent, and since I hadn’t replied to something since he sent it to me probably in the middle of the day when I was at work! AND silly Wine influenced me laughed that off….

But normal mindset me, light of day me….what the fuck? Is he a teenaged girl? Is he 13? AHHHH! What did I do????

One thought on “SadSingleGal Was Stood Up! Then TUI-ed (Texted Under the Influence)

  1. Whoa – modern sad single adventures are complicated. I met my beloved pre-texting, pre-jdate, pre-fb. Now you have so much more to decipher. WHen dating was phone-based, at least there was a tone of voice. OTOH modern dating is so LITERARY. Chin up SSG, your beshert will phone soon!

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