Walk of Shame…Now We Have A Song For It!

So last night on Jimmy Fallon, the POTUS was on! But the real big news is that he sang a song about sluttin’ it up college style and struttin’ it back to your dorm in last night’s look. Best part is when everyone in the audience starts chanting with Jimmy and Dave Matthews…basically rocking out…yelling “WALK OF SHAME…WALK OF SHAME!” Let’s all rock out and celebrate the Walk of Shame!
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So There IS Something Worse Than Being Sad And Single!

I really thought that was the worst. Being SAD. And being SINGLE.

Turns out there is something worse…being Sad, single, and SOOOO fucking desperate that you would do this:

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The Science of Boozing

So the other day Businessweek (my fave! I clearly read it ALL. THE. TIME. All the time!) came out with an article, Why You Should Drink at Work

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101 Reasons I Am Sad And [Still] Single

In honor of writing my 100th post on Friday, which now means that this is my 101 post…which just makes me think of 101 Dalmations….which of course makes me think of Cruella de Vil…which of course makes me think of dying alone…I bring you 101 Reasons I Am Sad And [Still] Single.

Oh, this crazy bitch had no one that loved her either....

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Slutty, Stupid, Single Gal

Hey, Amanda Bynes….Lindsay Lohan called, and she wants her identity back!

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?

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