Sad Single Gal of the Day: Katy Perry

First she was married to this:

And then she moved on to this:

Yeah…she didn’t get hottie John Mayer like Jenny or Jess, or Taylor or …I know there are more…many more!

And now sources (and by “sources” I obviously mean the internet…meaning People, Dlisted, TMZ, Crazy Days and Nights….basically every site that has every uttered the word Katy Perry) tell me that Katy Perry and John Mayer have (Shocking!) SPLIT after two romp filled months together. According to “sources” yet again, KP is trying to make it seem like it was so not serious with JM, but you know she wrote all over her Lisa Frank trapper keeper: KATY PERRY MAYER¬†

Well, Katy, sorry to break it to you, but you dated John Mayer. This is who he is. Google image “John Mayer Girls“. Welcome to the club, babe! Also, better get tested for some STDs. Cause we all know where¬†BOTH of you have been. Ouch! And you’ll always have these photos as a memory! Ah, summer lovin’! Havin’ a blast!

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