Eye on the Prize….55 Days to Go!

The training has begun. Challenge #1 (if I should choose to accept it….which, durrr, I have):

Make eye contact with a man for at least 3 seconds and then go say hello.

Seems easy, no? Well, in our little town of Anatevka completely, utterly intimidating land of LA, it is much easier said then done…also, I am awkward. Let’s just put that out there. Like, I feel when I give a “SEXY Look” to a guy, it probably looks like I am Sneeze/Farting or something equally as atrocious…you know what I’m sayin’? Yeah…

Not to mention the fact that I make references to things like musicals, as you can see above. But..what I have come to realize, is this is all part of my charm. The guy that’s gonna wanna get with me will appreciate being visually molested before I awkwardly stumble over saying “HI”….or maybe “Hey”…not quite sure. But I must have confidence in myself before I can expect anyone to care…or return the hello.

Ahh, eye contact Mad Men style…where you looked at each other and it just meant “sex in my office…lock the door, and bring me a scotch…neat”

So when I go vote today (OH, By the way….GO VOTE!!!!!!!), maybe I’ll see a hottie in line….give him so eye…ask what his thoughts on the props are….can’t hurt, right? Will report back after I’ve cast my ballot!



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