Men Confuse Me…Even in Thailand

Especially in Thailand.


My friend (who I miss dearly…come back!!!) sent me this missive from her travels the other day:

i just got a crazy text from a guy i met last weekend.  i was with a group of friends from my hostel and we stumbled upon another group of backpackers.  we made small talk and i chatted with a guy named john from chicago.  i never touched his arm, gave him a hug good-bye or to my knowledge showed any signs of interest beyond being backpacker buddies.  he said he was going to be in bangkok and we should get dinner at some restaurant that might hire him.  i said sure.  he sent a text wishing me good luck with the job interview i was having next day and i responded “thanks.”  then yesterday he texted me, “any luck with the jobs? happy v-day” at 11:12pm.  next day, “yes/no?” at 1:42.  then at 5:28 “Ok, loud and clear!  Don’t know why you’re not responding, don’t know why you gave me your number?  Don’t know what i did wrong?  i do know one thing!  you’re a woman, and women are crazy.  i’ll delete you, don’t ever call either…you seemed like you were into me???  i’ll never get women…so fuckin’ insane!

seriously, dude?  you don’t know what you did wrong?  how about you just sent a girl you barely know an enraged text message because she didn’t respond to you right away.  everyone is on pre-paid mobiles here so it’s common to run out of credit and not have an active phone for a day or so.  you are the crazy one.  don’t worry, i won’t be calling.


It is moments like this when I wish I could grab a megaphone and drive around the city screaming “You think we are crazy? You mo-fos are!” Except then, I would seem crazy. So I ask, really men, really? Is this how you deal with women? And do you think it is working…?

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