The Third Person vs. The Third Wheel

I wrote some time ago about how I have been immortalized as the perennial Third Wheel. Well, last night I was out with my good friend and her boyfriend. And I have to say, not once did they make me feel like the third wheel. Rather than making me feel like this:

SadSingleGal on a usual night

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Famous Third Wheels

In honor of my TWS (Third Wheel Status), i figured I would honor those other famous third wheels throughout time, space, fiction, etc.

Phoebe & Joey From Friends

Phoebe and Joey were the third wheels of Friends, no matter what anyone says. With the pairings of Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were the comic relief that third wheeled it for 10 least Phoebe got Paul Rudd. Joey just got "Joey."

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