Singlitis: A disease I made up

So I am sure you are thinking, ok SingleGal, pity party much? But, no, this is the sad reality, and I would bet that there are more than a handful of you out there that would “self diagnose” yourself with Singlitis.

As I have gotten to my mid twenties, more and more of my friends have become more and more serious with the men in their lives. I don’t know, but I think I actually might be a good luck charm or something…as in all the sad excuses for men go to me and the winners go to them (or at least that is what it has started to feel like). As more of my friends become paired off though, I in turn see less of them.

Not that I don’t understand. I totally do (friends, I promise, I do!). If I had someone who I loved (or even liked…or even facebook liked), I would want to be with them. But it is hard to be that forgotten person who is left alone on the couch watching #MoviesThatArentGreatButIWillWatchToCompletionAnyTimeItsOnTV (I just watched Freaky Friday…poor Lilo!) And I am honestly sick of people telling me how much they understand how hard it is to make friends once you leave the confines of college life, but not really offering me any really options as they walk away hand in hand with TLOTL (the love of their life).

So I guess the point that I am trying to make, is that being single doesn’t just suck because I don’t have a guy to take me out on Friday nights. It sucks because I also seem to have lost so many of my friends to the world of monogamy (and probably soon matrimony). I guess it is all just part of my sad adventures…hopefully some cure will be discovered for it soon though!

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