Why a Green Thumb Might Be Better Than A Man

And you thought "tree hugging" was just a euphemism for loving nature!

So this is the week for reader friend submissions! Another friend, we’ll call her “has a boyfriend but is still relatable.” Maybe “gets it” for short? Well, Gets It sent this article from the blog, THE FRISKY (I can already get on board with a name like that!), called 5 Reasons Why Having A Plant Is Better Than A Boyfriend. Click the link to read the full article, but obviously you are on my blog, so either come on back or just read on. Continue reading

How NOT to Get Ready For a Date

So a friend (you can look at her stuff…and should, at Vicki Step. That’s a link. Click it!) sent me this youtube video the other day. At first, I was like, ok…sure. That girl is Trashy with a capital T! But she actually makes some great points… Continue reading

Famous Third Wheels

In honor of my TWS (Third Wheel Status), i figured I would honor those other famous third wheels throughout time, space, fiction, etc.

Phoebe & Joey From Friends

Phoebe and Joey were the third wheels of Friends, no matter what anyone says. With the pairings of Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were the comic relief that third wheeled it for 10 years...at least Phoebe got Paul Rudd. Joey just got "Joey."

Continue reading

Third Wheeling It

As the perennial single gal, something I have grown far too accustomed to is being the third wheel.

SingleGal (far right), age 2.

You know, the wheel that you don’t need…the one that doesn’t really do anything…the wheel that if you removed it everything would still work just as well. Continue reading

I’m Either Really Picky, or A Wimp

So for you long time readers of mine (we live in the age of 140 characters, so long time means reading to the end of this sentence basically), you might remember a few weeks ago a asked for some dares. If not you can read it again here: I Dare You..to Send Me a Dare!

Well, one such reader DID actually send me a dare:

Dear Singlegal
I dare you to…walk up to the next cute guy you see (in a bar, on a bus, in a whole foods parking lot, etc.) and ask him out. or at the very least, give him a sexy smile and wink and slip him your phone number. (i’m nice with my dares. i give you options).

just fyi if you find your future husband this way, i am totally taking all the credit…

law student in love

Well, everyone….this was in fact sent to me on Wednesday, July 6th. For those of you not at your iphones or sitting in front of your icals right now, that was two whole weeks AND a day ago! And guess what? I really haven’t seen any cute guys that I have wanted to go up to. Or have I? And am I just the biggest wimp in the world, and I convince myself not to make a move? And for that matter, what’s holding me back?

If only this children's book could give me dating advice!

I don’t really know, but maybe but exposing myself to the world the few people who decide to actually click on the links on my facebook page because they are bored at work as well, will actually force me to go up to a cute guy sooner rather than later. And not psych myself out in my head.

And another note, I will take more dares. Feel free to send them. I will actually (eh..who knows? I hope so…embarass me enough in the comments and I will!) try to do them, so think out of the box and tweet, email, comment below and force me to put myself out there in the world!

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