Waxing Philosophical

WARNING: Avert your eyes if the idea of waxing, hot wax, bikini lines, or anything of that nature is scarring to you. And note, in the clip below from Friends, I am sure the only reason Mon and Pheebs (yeah, I like to pretend like they are MY friends, got a problem with that?) are waxing their legs is because it is on network tv…and not HBO!

So, for you brave souls that ventured forth…a few months ago, I got into a discussion with a friend, in a pretty weird locale I might add. We were having an improv rehearsal and doing an exercise that was supposed to be us having just a real conversation. I think she might have brought up something about getting her car detailed (whoa, whoa dirty birds! Not a euphemism. Like actually getting her car detailed). She had seen some Groupon or what-not for some super special car detailing, but her car was BRAND NEW!

This brought to mind (for me at least…I guess I am a dirty bird) when woman “prematurely” get waxed/detailed/manicured. I brought this up much to the shock/flabbergast/disgust/awe of the male members of the group, but it got me thinking. Does being “prepared” down there prepare you differently up there (this is my Carrie Bradshaw moment happening right now!)?

    Oh Men! So Weak!

So I ask those of you out there reading, what do you think? Please Wax Philosophically with me and answer below:

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