How NOT to Get Ready For a Date

So a friend (you can look at her stuff…and should, at Vicki Step. That’s a link. Click it!) sent me this youtube video the other day. At first, I was like, ok…sure. That girl is Trashy with a capital T! But she actually makes some great points…

I do think she is trashy though, and is wearing FAR to much makeup, and looks like she went to the tanning salon and asked for the “Snookie.” BUT…once again, I think she makes some excellent points.

Her name is Snookie, she's got a poof, she's not too smart...maybe it's a goof?

As women, we are fucking crazy at times, especially when we are into a guy. We lose all sense of ourselves and try to please someone, who must likely has only gone so far as having TEXTED us and not really put much effort into this at all. It is so sad that I would think a guy went out of his way if he actually picked up his phone and dialed it instead of texting me! But I am happily admitting this to you all!

Snookie Jr in this video here also makes an excellent point about acting like yourself. Honestly, ladies, stop acting stupid already. I think, yes, there is a form of overkill that I seem to have perfected, but don’t fall victim to acting like a moron! If you have an opinion, share it!

And in terms of what to wear, don’t be a hoebag! Look cute. Be comfortable. Maybe even think before the date where you might want things to go. Is this a one night stand? Then fine, slut it up. But if you in any way expect the guy to contact you for anything other than news that he gave you an STD, maybe be a little classier?

Ladies, another thing about dressing all slutty on a date, is that if you do get some, you still gotta get home! WALK OF SHAME style! Even January Jones here fell victim to it.

I was actually out with Vicki Step the other day for happy hour after a lovely day at the beach. We got to Bodega (yum!) in Santa Monica around 6pm. As we started to enjoy our wine, this girl walked in, looking like she was dressed for her high school semi formal. Her hair was curled in ringlets, she was wearing high heels, and a strapless dark grey A-line dress that you would probably buy if you had a cocktail party to go to (basically trying to get the point that she looked majorly out of place for 6pm, in Santa Monica, while the sun was out, in a near empty bar). A guy then walked in wearing sneakers, jeans (and not nice ones, like 7s or something else), and a t-shirt with logos all over it (basically, trying to get the point that he looked majorly out of place as well). They both took out their phones to text the person they were waiting for, and it was so obvious that they were here meeting on a blind date!

I tell this story for a reason. Women’s expectations are clearly (not always…) way higher than men’s. But the thing women don’t seem to get (and even as I write this, I include myself!) is that men don’t seem to give a shit. And because they don’t care, just be yourself! Because it is always going to show through somehow. And it’s better to get someone who…

Likes me for me not because I hang with Leonardo
Or that guy who played in Fargo, I think his name is Steve

(You know you were thinking it too!)

But…if you are a crazy bitch that does wear too much perfume and jewelry, no one likes that. No one! So please, for the sake of everyone, take out the hooker hoops, and throw away the Curious by Britney Spears.

2 thoughts on “How NOT to Get Ready For a Date

  1. Whenever I ask out a girl, it’s because I like who she is when I met/got to know her. I’m always confused when a woman gets all overly dolled up for dates. I’m not a prospector asking women out cause I think they might look good when they try super hard.

    I liked you when I asked you out, I’ll continue to like you on our date. Promise.

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