Dear SSG

On this weeks installment of Dear SSG

Dear SSG,

I have tentative plans for Friday night with my guy, but nothing is nailed down and not sure what we are doing yet. My friend asked if I wanted to grab dinner with her. I really hate being one of those friends that puts their guys before their friends…am I doing that?

Paranoid Pal

How HASN'T gotten this text? Then your friends are AWESOME!!!

Dear Paranoid Pal,

I can assure you that just for asking this you are an awesome friend. I have plenty of friends that have put me in this very position, except rather than having “tentative” plans with a guy and having to say no to me, I have instead had very solid plans with them and then been blown off last minute for whatever guy is in their life that week. Just make sure that you would honor plans given the reverse situation (ie tentative plans with a friend and the guy asks you to do something).

Happy dating,


Dear SSG,

I met this guy at a really casual after work drinks thing. We don’t work in the same office, but our offices are nearby. He definitely told me where he worked, as did I. And he was definitely into me. He prolonged leaving more than once to continue talking to me. It has been over a week and now I am not sure what to do. Should I attempt to “make a move” and drop by his office or let him come to me?


(wait for this shocker y’all…)

Help me stop this from happening! Please!

Yeah everyone….I need your help. As I have said many a time, I can give the advice to others, but when it comes to myself, I am lost. So I am asking for your help! What should I do? Write a note and drop it in his mail? Stalk him?! You get the picture, so clearly I am in desperate need of assistance! Send your advice either to, tweet me @sadsinglegal, or for the easiest and most obvious method, right below in the comments! Do it! Help a sadsinglegal out! Really!

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