Girl on Girl Action

I have posted about my hilarious friend, Emily Towers, before, and her brilliant videos, Women Are Crazy, before. Well, Em, you’ve done it again. For anyone that has every even looked at another guy and then seen that guy look at another girl, this video should resonate pretty hard.

Tina Fey says in Mean Girls:

The girl on girl crime has got to stop!

…only problem with that is, have we grown too accustomed to building ourselves up by knocking others down? In a society obsessed with Reality TV and “WINNING” (Ok, Charlie Sheen…Ok), where would we be without the useful tool of the internet to do our dirtywork for us? Not really saying anything one way or the other, just trying to make you think about it. Is this making relationships better or worse? Regardless, Brava Emily on another comedic gem!

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