SadSingleGal Goes to A Wedding

Yes. A wedding. The dreaded event for all of the single and sad (ie no men even slightly planting fruits in our basket) ladies out there. Except this wedding was in the magical (yeah, you got that…”magical”…I can be sappy sometimes) land of Hawaii…

where this is the view out the window of your hotel room…

I want to go (back) to there!

and this is your afternoon walk….

It's a good thing I didn't get LOST here....get it?!!

Not too shabby!

The thing that was also great about this wedding was the bride and groom. They weren’t one of those obnoxious couples that make you want to barf. You could see how much they genuinely loved each other and how excited they were to officially be starting their life together as man and wife. But they also had so much fun with it!

Not to be so fricken corny...but, the sun came out just as they kissed. Let's give a collective "AWWWW"

What also made it great was the setting. Note to everyone out their that I know and love…have your wedding here:

Could it BE any prettier and more romantic? (meant to be read/said like Chandler Bing)

The ceremony was short and to the point. And then the rest of the day was just fun, relaxed, and filled with love. But before you go, whoa, who put some extra rum in SSG’s Mai Thai, I will tell you…this wedding did have its traditional elements. And that means they did of course have a bouquet toss. So on that note….

Does anyone not picture the scene in Clueless when they have to do the bouquet toss? except they were 16 and wanted to do it...

Alright…let me just say, as a single woman at a family affair, when the dj says “Alright, everyone, it’s time for the bouquet toss. All the single ladies to the dance floor..” I can not tell you how intense your family can be. Luckily enough I have a blog to do “research” for, so I don’t mind having to do such morally and degrading things as attempt to tackle other ladies for flowers. But, when I walked back to the table empty handed, my dad said, “Oh that was so rigged. That was planned!” in a voice I have only ever heard him talk about football or baseball before!

You caught the bouquet! Now you got to catch a man!

Sorry, Dad! Maybe next time….? Or not!

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