SadSingleGal Goes to A Wedding

Yes. A wedding. The dreaded event for all of the single and sad (ie no men even slightly planting fruits in our basket) ladies out there. Except this wedding was in the magical (yeah, you got that…”magical”…I can be sappy sometimes) land of Hawaii…

where this is the view out the window of your hotel room…

I want to go (back) to there!

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We Interrupt this Program….for a serious thought on LOVE

So having what I hope you all (when I say all, I mean the three of you that read this…one of you being my sister I presume?) consider to be a humorous blog about my “sad single life,” I do joke around a lot about being sad and lonely. One thing that I do oftentimes take for granted even though I AM sad and lonely, is that no one is prohibiting me by law from being with the person I want to be with or saying hurtful things to me, or in any way protesting my ability to be with someone. (N.B. no one is actually rushing to be with me, so there is also that…maybe there would be protests, who knows?). Continue reading

P. D. Ewwwwwwwww!

I would assume by now (although, as my father always says “assuming is making an ass of u and me.”) you all know what PDA is.

No, not this type of PDA! But looks like someone just got a text from that boy she met last night...

Public Displays of Affection. Although to this Single Gal, in my single state, it feels more like Public Displays of “you are alone and we are not!” I can deal with the far to happy couple walking by me on a Saturday afternoon, the weird couple that chooses to sit on the same side of the table so we all have to look at their “love” and I can even deal with seeing annoying facebook pictures on my wall of you and your boyfriend that I have never met, girl from summer camp 12 years ago that I haven’t seen in 11 years. Continue reading