Sad Single Labor Day Weekend?

So it’s almost September! Summer’s almost over, and I’m guessing you didn’t succeed in the whole “boyfriend by labor day thing” that your mind had planned…

So what now? Get drunk, and hookup at all your labor day BBQs? No!! Stay classy my friends! Because who knows? Maybe you need to set a new goal? Boyfriend by Rosh Hashanah? Boyfriend by Columbus Day?

At the very least, just don’t regret your partying, and STAY HYDRATED!!! No one wants to hook up with the drunken mess unless they are looking to date rape you….rut roh (and no, that does not count as your new boyfriend!!)

2 thoughts on “Sad Single Labor Day Weekend?

  1. Boy I met that could conceivably have been the boyfriend by labor day took off for school-ing and stuff. Damn reasonable life choices. If it’s a sober hookup, is the labor day hook up allowed?

    • As long as your eyes aren’t rolled back in your head and you are aware enough of the scene around you, I say GO FOR IT! Just make sure pictures aren’t posted if you are doing a “attempting to be long distance thing” with said smarty pants boy…

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