Behind Every Great (Single)Woman, Is A Great (Most Likely Single) Assistant

My friend GChatted this article from The Daily Beast to me this morning: More Rich, High-Powered Women Are Turning to Matchmakers to Find Love. Read it…it basically is a sob story for Rich, Powerful Women and why they can’t meet men BECAUSE they are so Rich and Powerful….AWWW! Poor Not so Poor You!!

Maybe Martha could find man like this?

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Further Proof Why Online Dating SUCKS!!!

I feel like I shared of my recent trip home, where everyone over the age of 30 seemed to ask, “So have you tried online dating? Are you on Jdate?” Even my dad got in on the action! (Awkward Alert!) Well, I came across this video today that makes a WHOLE lot of sense given my experience in my experience in the land of online dating sites:

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