Further Proof Why Online Dating SUCKS!!!

I feel like I shared of my recent trip home, where everyone over the age of 30 seemed to ask, “So have you tried online dating? Are you on Jdate?” Even my dad got in on the action! (Awkward Alert!) Well, I came across this video today that makes a WHOLE lot of sense given my experience in my experience in the land of online dating sites:

Basically, one half of the equation doesn’t properly know how to online date. Yet, as a society, somehow we are placing more and more emphasis on meeting people online, rather than right in front of us in person! And what this allows for is a pseudo-cheating before there is even a relationship to cheat on! How fucked up is that! At least back in the day, men had to try harder to cheat on the girls that they were juggling…lazy men in 2011 have gchat!

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