Confession: I Am An Online Ageist

Yeah, that’s right. I am an online ageist. But I mean this in a good way. I mean this in the way that you all understand why To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen had a reason for existing (oh Chris Hansen…you really cheated…online…and got caught…really?).

On all of the online dating sites they ask what your age range is, which makes perfect sense. It would make sense that as a 24 year old, I would ideally (IDEALLY…notice the italics) date someone a little older, but not too old. Like say 26-29, maybe even 30. Ah, if only it was that easy. Continue reading

Further Proof Why Online Dating SUCKS!!!

I feel like I shared of my recent trip home, where everyone over the age of 30 seemed to ask, “So have you tried online dating? Are you on Jdate?” Even my dad got in on the action! (Awkward Alert!) Well, I came across this video today that makes a WHOLE lot of sense given my experience in my experience in the land of online dating sites:

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How About We….

I can’t be the only one who is asked by EVERYONE, and when I say EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE (yeah, that was a lovely convo with MY FATHER!), if I have tried dating sites. And being the sassy sad single Jewish gal that I am, it is always, “So have you tried JDate?” And imagine that in a nasally Jewish voice to get the full feeling.

Well, dating sites suck! They may be wonderful for some people, I just don’t think I am “some people.” Well I came across this article yesterday at work in my endless, online boredom:

So besides the douchey looking dude in the picture, I don’t know. Kind of makes sense. Could be as dumb as the rest of them…I’m looking at you OkCupid….but hey..what have I got to lose. So, hey, how about we…I don’t know..I’ll get back to you later.

“The Jew with No Geography”…aka Landed Softly Dude

Having given up on J-Date some 6 months ago, I really wasn’t that into the whole online dating thing. There were far too many old creepy guys with age ranges of 20-26 that had “Flirted” with me on Jdate (more on that later), and I had had enough. So a few weeks ago, over dinner with friends, one of my girls (henceforth known as V) was bragging about all the men she had met on OkCupid. Feeling frustrated with the non-existent dating scene for me in Los Angeles (just because I work in entertainment doesn’t I want to DATE someone in entertainment…give me a nice doctor or lawyer!), I finally figured what the hell and gave it another shot. Continue reading