A Look Back At True Love…

So I am on “vacation”…well not totally. I am visiting family in Detroit, and my grandmother’s old condo flooded. So we have spent the day cleaning…well once again, that is a bit of a stretch. I have really spent the day going through photos, and scrapbooks, and whatnot. And in doing so I came across this clip from the scrapbook my grandmother kept while my grandfather was away in the war:


I Want to See This Movie Like Crazy

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days…as one of my loyal followers you must be clamoring for my delightful self deprecating stories. So to hold you over until I have something wonderfully witty for you, I am sharing with you this utterly amazing looking movie, Like Crazy…as in I love you like crazy, I miss you like crazy, I want to see this movie like crazy… Continue reading

The Time When a Dating Site Asked, “Ever wonder how picky you are?”

Thanks, OkCupid! Your wonderful selection is so great! And now you are calling me picky! Take a look at the bizarre-ness that they call the “Flowchart to My Heart.” Because we all know receiving creepy messages online isn’t romantic enough, now charts and graphs are really gonna make things sexy! Continue reading

Textual Intercourse

Let’s face it. Romance is dead. Lloyd Dobler isn’t going to stand under your window with a boombox. Mark Darcy isn’t going to tell you you’re perfect just the way you are. Johnny isn’t going to pull you out of the corner and tell everyone that he had the time of his life with you. Edward isn’t going to rescue you from a life of prostitution. (This is a tricky one…Pretty Woman falls into a questionable hole.) Harry isn’t going to come find on New Year’s Eve, and admit he loves you BECAUSE of your neurotic flaws. And Noah isn’t going to write you letters every day for four years (even though your bitchy mother might not give them to you). Continue reading