So Not a Single Dress!

Ok people who make clothes….I know this is probably something you never really thought about, but I’m Single! And I’m sure all of you are like, “So what? Who cares?”

SO What….WHO cares….?

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Introducing The Sad Single Closure Card

Ok…so last night I post about comment cards, and how I basically wish I could hand people them after dating explodes or basically more often in my case, the bomb doesn’t even go off (womp womp). So, I was showing it to my new thrift buddy (yeah…have I not mentioned my thrifting and Martha Stewartiness before…pretty sure I have. Well, we bonded over our love of the abfab Emily Henderson. We love you, Emily!)

So, I am showing Thrifty the Dating comment card I made and she goes, “It’s a closure card!” DUHHHHHHH!!!! So, introducing to you all, the new and improved, Sad Single Closure Card- ready to be printed out and handed to that lame jackass who broke your heart, or maybe just broke your wine glass.


Either way, get some closure.
Just not like this:

Sad Single Gal of The Day: Robert Pattinson

Yeah, he’s a dude…but, come on…K.Stew’s always been the man in that PR lovefest! R.Pat’s vampire blood tears (I don’t do Twilight, so I only know my Vamps from the sex riddled True Blood) win him the first ever honor of Sad Single Gal of The Day….for reports that he is crying his eyes out up at Reese Witherspoon’s “ranch” (aka mansion designed in a rustic fashion). Don’t cry for him Twi-hards, he’s now single! You have a chance….(and most likely they were never together and this is all just PR anyway!!) So, cheer up Robbie! Welcome to the Single Club.

Sad & Single in ‘Da Club’

Maybe these are clues to why I’m still Single! I need some new Clubbin’ Clothes…

This girl forgot to put on pants, or a skirt, or the rest of her dress….

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Slutty, Stupid, Single Gal

Hey, Amanda Bynes….Lindsay Lohan called, and she wants her identity back!

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?

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Paperless Post-ing V-Day: SadSingle Style

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