Blind Date (Was I Just Punk’d)?

So, for those of you readers that haven’t been paying attention, a lot has been going on in my life recently like major things…that kind of make me in a state of flux as of late. Which actually is great, it makes me willing to try new things, be corny as shit and “say yes to life.”

So much so, that when asked if I’m single and happy to be set up, I of course say yes. Because what’s the best that can happen? I meet the love of my life, we have a gorgeous wedding, and I rename this blog “The Amazing Adventures of a Bitch you all Should be Jealous” cause that ain’t never gonna happen. Worst case scenario: I get an awesome tale to add to my adventures!

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101 Reasons I Am Sad And [Still] Single

In honor of writing my 100th post on Friday, which now means that this is my 101 post…which just makes me think of 101 Dalmations….which of course makes me think of Cruella de Vil…which of course makes me think of dying alone…I bring you 101 Reasons I Am Sad And [Still] Single.

Oh, this crazy bitch had no one that loved her either....

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Patti Stanger: The Queen of “for those who can’t do, teach”

Unfortunately, DailyCandy has made their video’s embeddable on other sites. So unless some technological wizard (or some super sexy nerd-in the ironic sense-computer genius) comes down from above and shows me how to get this video, I will just have to share with you the link to today’s DailyCandy email featuring none other than Patti Stanger. Miss Stanger, who we all know and love from her Bravo show, Millionaire Matchmaker, is also as we know, unlucky in love. GURLLLLLL…I can relate.

But, watch in the link below as Patti NAILS the ways to improve one girl’s profile (ok…there are a few things I disagree with! ladies, you are really going and getting professional blowouts and makeup done for your online dating profiles? No. Just No!) and what to look out for. And don’t say I didn’t warn you when you go and look at your own and realize that’s why you haven’t been getting any dates…or only replies from actor/bartender/dog walkers!

Patti Stanger’s Online Dating Tips

The Panic Button

Have you missed me? Have you been checking and rechecking my blog wondering where I went? Hoping to know if I was still sad and single (I can assure you I am!)? Have you been lost without my ramblings of singledom to get you through your days? Well, I’m back! And I apologize most loyal fans (cough, friends that I guilt into reading, cough)…for I never meant to make you feel like the girl who just texted a guy and is then sitting and staring at her phone wondering, “Why did you do that, Stupid?!” Continue reading