Part II: Long Distance Dud

Well the name of this post kind of gives away what happened, huh? Let’s rewind and review…like we were on a tv show and an announcer was saying “on last week’s adventure…..”


So, my manicurist set me up with a guy in Philly…we went out….we went out again….high school made out Titanic style….and then came time for me to return home to LA….

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Evidence That Even People in Loving Relationships Hate VD…

Yes, we ALL hate Venereal Diseases (at least I hope we ALL do), but when I say VD I mean Valentine’s Day. My friend sent me this just moments ago (and please note, friend is in a nice healthy relationship, and should like Valentine’s Day):

So, SUCK IT card company’s and drug stores! Ugly fat babies aren’t cute, they are creepy…and chocolate makes you FAT!!